With the machine Cosmo Kiosk we go beyond all norms. Original products, unique customer service, innovation and design - those are the key elements that provides constant progress. We are building a strong, worldwide brand, where also our partners will gain. The project robotic ice cream invasion belongs to the category- VENDING MACHINE, although we are not ordinary operator of vending machines. Our concept is based on the extreme quality and unique capabilities to attractively present the product. Thanks to our media outlets and its unusual appearance that attract crowds of curious amateurs of frozen delicacies which translates into large sale results.


Decide to cooperate with us, we give you the possibility of unfolding business income.


Franchisees guarantee:

  • no license fee.
  • no marketing fees.
  • 100% support for our partners at every stage of the operation.
  • proven formulation of the product for all sales locations/points.
  • the right to use the logo Cosmo Kiosk.
  • multimedia device Cosmo Kiosk Vending Machine.
  • necessary equipment.
  • Industrial fridge-freezer for ice cream.
  • Interactive Talking trash can-"Leo Robot"
  • full marketing support.
  • comprehensive supply.
  • Training include operating and servicing the machine
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • methodical help in choosing the appropriate location, if necessary. evaluation of existing space.
  • financial projection: an estimate of the rate of return, the economic and financial plan for investment.
  • Ready idea guaranteeing steady profit.


Basic network requirements:

  •   Desire to create own business and commitment to the concept.
  • choosing the right location with the approval of the franchisor.
  • purchase of devices COSMO KIOSK plus additional extras
  • acceptance of the mandatory range of products, raw materials, and how to create a price.