Robo-trash can

Robo-trash can is remarkable statement of fun, entertainment and education. It's a very innovative form of care for environment. After throwing away any kind of trash into Robot - it replies "thank you, that was delicious"

Robot works on safe 12 volt , and that's why also it has Low power consumption. Inside it has 80 liter container which is closed with a two special locks. It is extremely impressive device that attracts mostly children but even adults smile to Robo-trash can.


Functionality of the Robot:

Sound effects: The Robot stars talking after sensors catches a trash, and replies to you in funny way.

Light effects: after it detected the trash- his eyes will start to blink as well other LEDS on it's body will blink in different sequences. There is one more interesting attribute, as someone walks by. It can says: "I'm Leo and I take care of environment" , "Hello human, I'm here" , "Hello, I would like to eat something" Those Voice Messages available in Polish, English, Italian and German (You have a choice)

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Technical specifications:

Hight- 120cm [4']

width- 89cm  [2'11"]

weight- 20kg [44lb] (w opcji z akumulatorem 40kg) [88lb]

capacity-80l [21 US gal.]

Voltage- 230V(optioanal battery 12V)

Power supply-20W