Tommorow's technology

From the moment of your purchase, the robot that is registering every nuance with amazing accuracy will distribute your favourite ice cream. With such an innovative machine operated only by a robot-seller, company Robotic will provide highest level of technology for children as well as adults. This technology will take on a new dimension and change the world around you.


Our robot-seller is called: LEO-robot is indeed a very advanced cyborg Is put in motion by 12 electric motors.Hands, torso, head - everything works independently, and is programmed by specific sequences. Our Robot -seller by appearance, action and speech allow the kids to be introduced into the world of robotics and modern technology. Learning through play - is also the goal of Robotic manufacturers!

Intuitive functionality

The control panel is equipped with an advanced interface that allows you easily and quickly make a purchase. Authoring system provides support for two currencies simultaneously. Desktop orders through interesting animations will encourage "small" and "big" ;) customers to choose their favorite flavor of ice cream.


COSMO KIOSK offers fun games in a completely new technology providing active form of entertainment.Installed on both sides of Cosmo Kiosk, monitors offer two different motion sensed games.


  1. The first monitor game-ROBOT DANCE: Dancing robot on the screen will be replicating the kid's movements with properly chosen music.
  2. The second monitor, game Runner-Robot: Player that is moving in front of the monitor will have to avoid obstacles and collect virtual cups of ice cream as fast as possible. The movements will be recorded through the three-dimensional analysis and the player will be guided by the robot so winning as many points as possible will be occure.



The Cosmo Kiosk has a rotating pre-programmed company logo mounted on the top.The rotating company’s logo has three different modes of movement.


The machine has a built-in sensors that will inform you about the level of ice creams in the tank as well sensors indicating the temperature change in the fridge. In the case where you run out of one of the four flavors of ice cream, you will be immediately informed. Example of information: [lack of chocolate ice cream-load up immediately] Machine also has systems that are designed to detect abnormalities in the functioning of individual components. All signals with the help of the GSM network will be transmitted directly to the control panel MANAGEMENT.From there you can manage supplies of ice cream to individual machines. The central point will also manage automatically all activities of maintenance and service. All machines will also be sending data in real time from every sales point. Thanks to this, you will be able efficiently manage and plan future sale point. In addition, the panel will include notification of unintentional switching off the machine from the power supply. Then the device can automatically enter the energy-saving mode and will work on EPS (Emergency power system). The freezer with ice-creams can operate for an approximately 6 hours on EPS. The Cosmo Kiosk is also equipted with camera system, which can be controlled through application on your smartphone or computer.At any time you can hear na watch what happens around the machine.

Dispension of ice cream

The movable parts responsible for issuing the cups of ice cream will be equipped with a Laser safety sensor which will guarantee safe distribution. In case of any security threats system will automatically stop.

Height without/with
avarage power
max.cap. of refrigirator
197cm/260cm  -6'6"
165cm -5'5"
260cm -8'7"
800kg 1763 lb
315 sztuk 

Kiosk stands on to 4m square but the whole area needed for the functioning multimedia systems in the machine is 15m square.

4mSQ= 43'SQ
15mSQ= 161'SQ


After many trials and countless tests spent on improving the system, we are proud to say that Leo robot is capable to distribute 70 ice creams per hour. From the moment that you choose the ice cream to the moment of distributing ice cream to you is 50sec. The full capacity of the refrigerator is 315 cups. You can easily refill Cosmo Kiosk by opening the back of the machine. For opening the flap of the refrigerator is responsible electronic system:"Open the flap freezer" which is operated by one button. Loading takes only few minutes.


The Box ice cream Robotic- is a design created for locations in the open air, in other words for amusement parks, seaside promenades, swimming pools, a zoo, tourist resorts. It is an innovative entertainment center connected to a foodservice operated by a robot, it has a chillout zone and an entertainment zone. After purchasing ice cream from our robotic salesman the child also gets the opportunity to play one of the two games with our robot, however older box guests can drink hot coffee from the vending machine. The entire installation is equipped with a security curtain (roll-up gate) which at the programmed time closes the box by itself.

600 CM
490 CM