About us

We believe that the future is a NEW TECHNOLOGY that allows facilitate and engagepotential customers.


We are a company with a very large experience in building entertainment devices. For many years we have been producing recreational equipment based on our own development design.Thanks to the experience in implementing innovative solutions we can work together with the entire team of professionals to develop complete electronic systems and software for our machines.All these experience we have gained through a number of years by developing and creating Air Shooter company.

The company realizes that customer satisfaction flowing from the trouble-free and long-term usage of the devices is the basis for further cooperation and creating new business connections. Therefore we use to manufacture the most modern technologies, and the best materials and components imported among from countries like: USA, Italy, France, England or Germany. Many elements to facilitate the operation of equipment, we design and manufacture ourselves.The product range is constantly extended with new solutions that meet market trends prevailing in the vending, recreational and toy industry and above all, meet the requirements of customers. The whole team works constantly on design and construction which recently can boast an exceptionally effective and innovative vending machine named: Cosmo Kiosk.